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9 most common food mistakes


9 most common food mistakes

While talking about weight loss, the first thing that comes into mind is proper food. We often see people complaining that they have not achieved desired weight loss. The reason is some of the general diet mistake and habits practiced by the individuals. Here are the 9 most common food mistakes;

Never ever miss breakfast:

It is very important that you start your day with a healthy breakfast. A heavy breakfast will boost your metabolism and keep you satisfied all the day. Moreover, a good breakfast will keep you away from snacking habit.


Many people willing to lose weight quickly move toward crash dieting. But in real life, you may drop a few pounds early but in the long run, you are adversely damaging your body. Crash dieting will disrupt normal metabolism of your body. There are high chances that you will gain weight in future because of that.


Juices often contain a high amount of sugar. Also, juices lack beneficial fiber. Fiber helps you feel full and maintain your digestive system. If you want to drink juice make it yourself and that too without sugar. Another option is to drink a glass of water after eating fruit.

Keto flu:

While dieting you need to make sure that you eat enough salts to nourish body electrolytes. If you fail to do so you may feel symptoms of keto flu like a headache and fatigue. Try to maintain a proper amount of salt in your diet. Another benefit of salt is that it will make water retention easier.
Excessive consumption of dairy products:
Dairy products are good for health and body. However, too much consumption may lead to weight gain. Dairy products have a lot of calories. On the other hand, in order to lose weight, you have to put your body in calorie deficit i.e. burning more calories than total intake. So, the best option is to balance dairy products with your diet.


This bad habit elevates the blood sugar levels and in turn, your body feels hungry and demands energy. Fortunately, if you are planning your meals well you can get rid of this habit.

Eating the same meals every day:

If you don’t mix your food well you will get bored and most of the individuals than opt for fast food. Try new recipes. Take any low-carbohydrate vegetable and add it to your favorite meat. Be creative and enjoy your food.

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