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Amazing and Easy Ways To Burn Calories at Home

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Amazing and Easy Ways To Burn Calories at Home

When we think of how to burn calories, usually the very first thing that would enter our minds is working out in the gym, lifting weights, hitting the treadmill and sticking to diets. However, the very simple things that we do at home could also provide the same result and at the same time offer satisfaction after seeing how neat and orderly our home has become.

Check out these simple ways to burn those calories and lose weight at the comfort of your home.

Try walking from one room to another. This simple exercise can burn about 136 calories and at the same time improve the muscles in your thighs. Of course, the bigger your house is, the distance between the rooms may vary.

When your house is covered with carpets or your car needs to be vacuumed, do not fret. This somewhat boring activity can actually burn 240 calories. Doing it manually will let you lose 102 calories more. You can even burn additional 190 calories if you scrub your floors, 250 calories if you continue cleaning the house by wiping dirt on your windows. Painting your wall or portion of your house can also burn 290 calories.

Aside from cleaning your house, doing your laundry like folding clean clothes will help you lose 120 calories and ironing them will burn 115 calories.

If you are done working inside, you can also do some gardening or weeding. This home chore will let you burn 250 calories. Mow your lawn and you will easily burn 325 calories. Of course, the bigger your lawn is, the more calories you burn.

Thinking of rearranging your furniture? Well, not only will it keep you busy, it will help you lose more than 540 calories. And if you have to move heavy boxes from one room to another, lifting them can burn 544 calories and is a perfect way to keep your heart pumping while toning your muscles. And if you have a flight of stairs at home, walking up and down can burn up to 515 calories and will help tone down your leg muscles too.

Dirty pets? Did you know that you can burn up 200 calories just by chasing your pet and giving them a bath? Not only will they smell and look good, you will also burn calories without having to go to a gym.

Of course, it goes without saying that you do not have to do all of these chores in one day. Just mix some of these chores and you will easily burn up to 800 excess calories in just 45 minutes. Now ditch any alibis and excuses and try these calorie burning tips.

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