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Reasons Homemade Healthy Recipes Could Help You Win Top Chef

Healthy Breakfast set with granola, superfoods, almond milk and


Reasons Homemade Healthy Recipes Could Help You Win Top Chef

Preparing your food, besides being a delight, and Homemade Healthy Recipes allows you to impress your friends and still do everything the way you like. It also represents an excellent opportunity to make your recipes healthy and your food still very tasty, you know that? Once you take control of the pots, it is easier to decide what goes and what will not for your dish, and with some basic knowledge it is already possible to make your recipes more nutritious and tasty, without much complication.

Check out the following Reasons Homemade Healthy Recipes Could Help You Win Top Chef in Health and Taste!

Healthy adaptation: getting to know the healthy homemade recipes

There are several ways to make a dish get a little (or a lot!) Healthier – while being delicious – starting with the way you prepare the food. Understand what is behind each method and which ones you should choose to improve health care preparation:

Homemade healthy recipes: raw food

There are those who advocate that all types of foods be consumed completely raw while preserving their original characteristics and nutrients. The reality, however, is that while this maxim makes sense for some ingredients – especially fruits – it does not have to be followed to the letter or applied to all its Homemade Healthy Recipes.

In fact, there is a lot of food that is not even digested and properly used by our organism in its natural state (as is the case of some vegetables and various grains, such as rice, beans or even wheat), so that its cooking ends up contributing to our health.

Tomatoes and carrots, for example, when heated, especially in association with some oil, facilitate the absorption of their antioxidants. Spinach also gains from cooking.

Also, there are foods whose consumption in natura can pose a health risk, making cooking mandatory most of the time. That is the case of meats and eggs, as well as some types of mushrooms.

In doubt, it is worth betting on the variety, mixing a fresh salad with cooked vegetables, raw fish with grilled, and so on!

Actual Lifestyle Raw Food


Pre baking care

Another important step in preparing food that you can interfere with to make it healthier is the one that comes just before cooking. In the case of meats of all kinds, including fish, this is the time when you can give a plastic surgeon and “liposuction” the ingredients before taking them to the pan, removing excess fat.

As for vegetables and veggies, it may be interesting – regarding health as well as texture and taste – to consider cooking them in a shell and everything, since there is often a lot of their nutrients. Besides being tasty and crunchy when roasted, fried or grilled Fish skin, is another rich source of beneficial substances, although it may contain a bit of fat. Therefore, if you choose not to discard the skin, try to reduce the amount of oil in the recipe.

actual lifestyle Fish with Cooking Ingredients


Cooking in water and steam

Cooking food in steam is one of the most effective ways to preserve your nutrients and, at the same time, virtually eliminate the fat used in your preparation. For this, it is possible to use a specific utensil or pot or leave the food in a metallic rack over boiling water.

However, this does not mean that you need to restrict the way your dishes are prepared to this method, or that it is impossible to take advantage of the minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins in foods using other techniques.

Actual Lifestyle Steaming hot cooked corn


Homemade healthy recipes: steamed vegetables

The secret, when cooking with water, is not to discard the broth that lies behind when the food is ready (from a shredded chicken to a baked potato). For this, you can enjoy the liquid in the preparation of soups, avoiding the concentrated broths in cubes, and even make a sauce by adding flour and, perhaps, a little butter.

Use a coffee filter to remove the meat and vegetable particles left in the water, adjust the seasoning and remember that you can freeze this broth and reheat it quickly in a water bath or the microwave when you want to use it.

Actual Lifestyle Steam fried mix vegetables


In the frying pan or the oven

Some simple solutions can also make even fried, baked and sautéed dishes healthier. In any of these cases, care in the choice of cooking oil makes a lot of difference: choose vegetable varieties for animal fat, and of course, whenever possible, use as little as possible.

One fantastic trick here is to use cast-iron pans, casseroles, and pans. In addition to contributing to increasing the iron content in the food prepared for them, these utensils are naturally non-stick: in some of them, it is possible to cook without adding any fat!

In baking, covering the food with foil or using a casserole with lid reduces the loss of liquid and, consequently, need to moisten the ingredients with oil.


Ingredients: what’s behind Homemade healthy recipes

Keeping an eye on the most beneficial preparation methods is already a step so far to make any dish you eat is much healthier. But as important as the technique is the care in choosing the ingredients used in the recipes. Here are some guidelines to help you select only the best for your kitchen:

Actual Lifestyle salmon fish fillet with tomatoes, mushrooms and spices. Diet menu.


Homemade healthy recipes: fresh food

The first thing to watch when you go out to buy what you need to prepare Homemade healthy recipes is the freshness of the products.

The freshest ingredients can even last for less in your refrigerator and need to be frequently replenished, requiring regular visits to the market. In contrast, they are much richer in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, in addition to the significant difference in their quality and taste.

Especially those that will be used in natura, the less processed and the fresher the ingredients are, the better. That holds true for vegetables, vegetables, and leaves as well as fruits and dairy products.

On the other hand, an excellent alternative to the ingredients that will be cooked (whether in the oven, pan or skillet) are frozen ones. In particular, the fruits can be even better frozen than fresh, since this way it is possible to preserve their qualities and nutrients in the maximum point of maturation, even out of season.

If you often use ingredients such as strawberry, passionfruit or avocado, for example, why not learn to freeze them the right way when they are at their peak to ensure a stock of mature and excellent products throughout the year?

Actual Lifestyle Fresh Organic Vegetables


Champion combinations for healthy homemade recipes

We have already seen that our body sometimes needs a little heat and cooking to digest certain foods, right? Also, know that some nutrients are only properly absorbed together.

That is what happens, for example, with iron, which needs vitamin C to be used by our body. For this reason, mixing foods rich in this mineral with citrus fruits is so advantageous. Think of a feijoada with cabbage and a slice of orange: it’s the ideal synergy!

Proteins and amino acids are also substances that need to be consumed in a complementary way so that they are used properly by the body. Here, some perfect pairs are rice and beans, whole grains and peanuts, as well as egg white and egg yolk.

With these combinations in mind, you will be able to maximize the nutrients of each ingredient and create delicious harmonies in the flavors.

Actual Lifestyle Rice and Beans


Homemade healthy recipes with Superfoods

Increasingly, the benefits that some specific types of food can bring to our health have been discovered. Recently, they have even begun to be called “superfoods,” not by chance. Know some of these “secret ingredients” that can make any healthy homemade recipes much more profitable for your body:

Almonds: powerful allies in reducing cholesterol, almonds are very versatile in the kitchen, and you can add toasted rice, fish or chicken, as well as sweet recipes.

Cocoa: full of antioxidants and minerals, cocoa can be consumed in the chocolate itself (in this case, the more bitter, the better) or mixed in powder, in the preparation of desserts.

Nuts: help improves memory and is rich in omega 3. Use them in desserts, cakes, bread and biscuits, salads and as an appetizer.

Salmon: also rich in omega-3s, this fish also contains plenty of vitamin D and can be prepared in a variety of ways: sushi or sashimi, grilled, roasted, shredded, fillet, bait with white pasta and sauces …

Oats: the less processed, the more beneficial the oats are, with high fiber content and beta glucan, contributing mainly to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In addition to consuming it in yogurt in the morning, add it to bread, cakes, and biscuits.

Red fruits: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry, as well as delicious, are small pumps of vitamins and antioxidants that can turn into incredible desserts, jellies, jams and also unusual sauces and garnishes for meats.

Spinach: This leaf is filled with iron and vitamin K, creating fantastic flavors in pasta recipes, with ricotta, in soups or even simply sautéed in garlic.

Banana: an important source of potassium, the banana can serve to sweeten desserts, accompany meat, thicken the vitamin, and so on! Use creativity to include it in your recipes.

Olive oil: packed with antioxidants, vitamins and fats that reduce bad cholesterol, olive oil can be used both in the finalizing of the dishes and in its cooking, although the high heat can reduce its benefits a little.

Coconut oil: with benefits quite similar to those of olive oil, the advantage of coconut oil is that it is more resistant to high temperatures. Use it to make the skillet safer and healthier.

Actual Lifestyle healthy set of superfood


What to avoid

We know that everything, in excess, ends up being harmful, does not it? Even so, it is possible to say that among fresh and poorly processed products – unless you have some intolerance or a very specific health picture – there are hardly any villains for your well-being.

On the contrary, the “evil” ingredients are the less natural ones, which contain monosodium glutamate (such as some cubes and seasoning sachets), preserved and added sugar drinks, ready mixes of all kinds and other products industrialized countries.

So, as long as you keep an eye on the packaging and prioritize the fresh and poorly processed ingredients, you will certainly already be making much healthier and tastier choices for your recipes!


Substitutions: learn to hit the switch

Replacing the ingredients indicated in the recipe by others is one of the classic ways of having Homemade healthy recipes, as well as serving to adapt it to what we have at our disposal and, of course, allow us to make our creations.

However, it is good to know that this process requires a minimum of attention to dribble possibly fatal flaws to your amateur chef’s reputation. Write down our guidelines and tips to guide you through healthy exchanges!


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