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Easy Ways To Be Mindful in Your Daily Life


Easy Ways To Be Mindful in Your Daily Life

Once thought of as purely spiritual practice in nature, bringing mindfulness to the present moment is gaining popularity not only in the workplace but elsewhere.

Studies have found that people are relatively happier when they pay attention to what they are doing. They can even be happier if they are daydreaming about something positive and enjoyable.

Mindfulness helps us recognize the conditions of happiness that are present in our daily lives. To fully put mindfulness into practice here are some ways to create a moment of joy, sense of happiness anytime and anywhere.

Breathe in, Breathe Out. This should not be hard to do at all. All you have to do is breathe in and feel the air flows as you breathe out. You can do this while watching a beautiful view, say, a sunrise and with a support group or even by yourself. You do not have to make any effort doing this, just enjoy doing it.

We are created with five senses and sometimes we tend to neglect these senses and focus on something else. Just like breathing in and breathing out, being aware of your senses should not be that hard to do. Be mindful of your surroundings and appreciate the beautiful things that you can see. Smell a flower and be mindful how your sense of smell can alleviate stress just by thinking about the scent of the flower. Appreciate the food that you eat, feel the texture of your silky skin and feel the warmth of the sun.

In today’s world, we are bombarded with lots of things that often result in stress and tensions. Our mind can absorb things that can lead to anxiety and even depression. To clear our mind from these negative energies, take a moment of silence and sit back, close your eyes and relax. As soon as you mind wanders, refocus your energy to your breathing. Take a deep breath and slowly release the air. You will feel relief as you empty your mind of all the negativity.

Be mindful of your daily activities. Check the things that cause you to be stressed. Change your lifestyle especially if you are loaded with things that can be strenuous. If you are always late in going to work due to heavy traffic, try sleeping earlier and wake up earlier that way you can drive yourself to work minus the traffic. And as you drive, listen to soothing music instead of hard-hitting news.

What better way to release stress and tension than going out in the great outdoors. If you do not have time to venture further out, a walk along the woods or park will be fine. As you walk through the park, take time to appreciate the views, the people, smile at strangers and feel the air blowing to your face. Release the tension from your body by engaging in some light exercises.

Lastly, as you try to perfect being mindful, do not rush things. Learn to be more patient. It takes time but when you have achieved the art of being mindful, you will feel the results to be more rewarding. Go easy on yourself whenever you entertain negative thoughts, after all, we are humans and are prone to make mistakes.

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