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Shift Your Mindset


Shift Your Mindset

Can’t seem to find time to exercise? Or you can’t seem to squeeze exercise in? Then you may be one of the many people who may be going it all wrong.
Experts say that exercise should be treated not as something you fit in, rather as something that you must do for your own good. In fact, exercise should be like brushing your teeth or combing your hair.
Transform your mindset about exercising
Exercise should be an intrinsic part of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, when you take this as a burden rather than something you do for your own sake, it becomes a chore and seldom gets done. Exercise should never be a chore, it has to be an embedded habit. You need to change your view especially to things that would be beneficial to yourself. It is rather vital that you shift your views about exercise. Here are some things to help you change your mindset and motivate you further.
Always start small. Set goals that are rather simple and realistic. Never aim too much when you know it would only frustrate you in the end. Trying to achieve that to-die-for body is fine, but you need to start easy first. Yes, you can lose a lot of weight on your first day, but would it be healthy? Keep a record of your daily achievements, keep tab of the smaller things you have accomplished and at the end of the day, you feel more confident and ready for the next day.
When you feel like you are too tired for a jog or run, call someone who can motivate you and even go out with you. Health experts say that having a workout buddy helps you accomplish more as compared to people who sweat out at the gym or run a mile alone. It helps when you have someone whom you can talk while trying to lose calories, run more miles or simply want to walk around.
Stop making excuses. If you do not stop whining how tired you are from work, how cold it is outside, or how humid it is inside the gym, chances are you are not going to accomplish anything. You need to find time to be healthy, a simple exercise can be done inside the comfort of your home when it is raining outside, or try to lift books and imagine you are inside the gym. In fact, do things that would keep your heart pumping.
Get some inspiration. Imagine having the body of someone you want to be. Visualize things that you want for your body. And while you are picturing things out, work it out. Swim, bike, run, lift some weights the choices are yours.
Lastly, believe that you can achieve what you want for your body. Hang some pictures of people who were in your shoes then. Keep yourself reminded of inspirational words to motivate you. Keep them in places where it could remind you often. Dream it, live it and do it.

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