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Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle and Positive Thinking


Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle and Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking can transform your mental life, increasing your levels of daily happiness and accelerating your path to success. Also, the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle and Positive Thinking can also increase to your physical health in some unusual and surprising ways.

Positive Thinking Reduces Stress Levels

Studies of positive thinkers suggest that these people are better at dealing with stress and more likely to spend time focused on constructive solutions to their problems. Cardiovascular tests in optimists and pessimists show that the bodies of optimistic people return to a relaxed state at a much faster pace, and such ability to cope with stress can lead to significant health benefits. On the one hand, high levels of stress are known to raise blood pressure and are related to greater risk of health problems such as diabetes and dementia.

Positive Thinking can improve the function of the immune system

Research into the connections between physical and mental health states that Positive Thinking can increase resistance to disease. For example, activity in regions of the brain that are linked to experiencing negative emotions such as fear and sadness are correlated with a weaker immune system response to vaccines. Meanwhile, optimistic, positive thinkers about their dreams and goals have a stronger response. Other studies also suggest that people with optimistic attitudes take less flu and cold viruses, and show that patients diagnosed with potentially terminal illnesses tend to experience more consistent and significant improvements after receiving treatments.

Positive thinkers tend to adopt healthier lifestyles

Some of the benefits of Positive Thinking for health seem to be related to the fact that positive thinkers are more willing to eat healthy foods, engage in regular exercise, and practice preventative health measures. For example, a recent article from a medical journal that documented the link between optimism and higher levels of good cholesterol can be explained by the interest in a healthy lifestyle. A similar hypothesis can be applied to the fact that positive thinkers experience fewer heart attacks, and are approximately 9% less prone to stroke. However, there is still no consensus on the hypothesis that Positive Thinking directly influences health, or if it does so by affecting lifestyle improvement, then research is still ongoing.

Positive thinkers can live longer

Finally, according to the above information, it makes sense for positive thinkers to appear to have a better life expectancy. A remarkable study of more than 600 hospital patients in Denmark found that people with the most positive moods were about 60% more likely to live for at least another five years. This result may be in part linked to some of the benefits we have just known, but it is very likely that there are many other previously unknown links between Positive Thinking and physical well-being. One thing is clear:

By focusing on the good of life and making your mission a constructive vision for problems, you are preparing for a happier life.

Positive thoughts are like essential vitamins that we should include in our routine early in the morning.

All of us have ever experienced the sensation of getting up in the morning with a strange discomfort, not knowing very well why. Mornings in which, still sitting in bed comes to mind a very typical: “I can not, today I will not stand my routine.”

Certainly, it is not possible to feel fully fit every day, sometimes we get sick, discouraged, or even tied up by unforeseen events that can make things difficult. But there is something we must be clear about: how we think and speak can directly affect the vision of life so that this way will determine our emotional state, and consequently our physical health.

Negative Thoughts: Shackles for Health

Remember to start the day with a smile on your face.

Studies indicate that a positive lifestyle will result in a healthier life, where the risk of suffering depression and presenting certain diseases will be lower, and 20% will increase longevity compared to negative people …

Can negativity consume our health in such a way?

It seems that yes, negative thoughts act as a vicious circle in which we can easily attach ourselves. Low self-esteem can stifle our perspectives and projects, plunge us into uncertainties that sometimes seem hopeless, immobilize us like fetters.

Therefore, to pronounce a “can not” or “nothing works,” is basically to make these sentences absolute certainties in contexts of difficulty.

So is it worth it to get carried away by the negative thoughts that sometimes knock at the door of our mind? Obviously not!

For example, it is proven that pessimistic people have periods of recovery from diseases longer, and are even capable of causing unhappiness to those around them, as well as diminish the body’s defenses, that is, the immune system.

It is clear that to live in this way is like being immersed in a prison of invisible grids, so it is extremely fundamental that we begin to change the way we face and reflect on problems to cherish our health.

Crawling Anchors: Moving Forward With Positive Thoughts

Your thoughts reflect that you are, so think positively!

Sometimes we find people accustomed to talking with a smile on their faces, people, who inspire confidence, and who seem to consider no great difficulty, and if anyone appears to them, find the most lucid and calm way of overcoming them, that is, people who see obstacles in great opportunities.

They are people whose expression seems to sketch not only genuine happiness but also health, and they seem inspiring, energetic … That is because, according to researchers, positive thoughts affect health in the following way:

– Increase longevity;

– Decrease the risk of depression;

– Decrease stress levels;

– Strengthen the immune system;

– Improve cardiovascular health.

How can we develop Positive Thinking, how can we maintain and even improve our health in this sense? Here are some simple tips that can raise awareness and ultimately bring about significant changes in our health, if applied on a daily basis:

– Detect negative thoughts. We must be alert, the moment we feel we are beginning to think negatively we have to wonder why what is the reason that leads us to such thoughts and affirmations. Next, we must try to find a positive exit for the contrary idea. The more assured we are of this, the more natural it will be to normalize positive thoughts.

– The sense of humor. Learning to laugh at yourself and relativize certain situations will help us to be more positive, to relax our thinking.

– The smile. Try it sometime, and the smile has an immediate effect on our state of mind.

– Repeat positive sentences. It will cost us nothing to keep a set of self-affirmation that help us with everyday problems, words such as “I am capable of,” “I can do,” will allow us to feel more secure in ourselves gradually.

– Surround yourself with positive people. No doubt we all know friends or family who always present negative thoughts and complain about situations.

Unfortunately, on many occasions, these people will not help us and will contribute negatively to the development of our health.

It is worthwhile, therefore, for us to seek to interact with a person with positive thoughts, who bring us positive messages about daily afflictions, who always make us smile and make life as simple as possible, people who will teach us to think positively will be like anchors that physical and mental health.

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