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The Only Weight Lose for Pregnant Resources You Wills Ever Need


The Only Weight Lose for Pregnant Resources You Wills Ever Need

The findings, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, add to the evidence that at least some obese women can lose weight during pregnancy without causing harm to their baby or their health by getting a Healthy Diet Plan Weight Lose for Pregnancy.

Researchers, however, caution that women should not start a meal plan for pregnancy when overweight during pregnancy. The doctor should always be consulted about any food or lifestyle changes.

The US Institute of Medicine advises obese women to gain 5.5 to 10 kilograms during pregnancy – lower than recommended for women of normal weight, ranging from 12 to 17 pounds But some researchers criticize the IOM guidelines for failing to consider different levels of obesity.

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According to some studies, women with a high degree of obesity may gain less weight during pregnancy, or even lose weight through a Healthy Diet Plan for Pregnancy without harming the baby or their health.

In the new study, Marie Blomberg of the University of Linkoping in Sweden analyzed medical records of more than 46,000 obese pregnant women who gave birth between 1993 and 2008. They were divided into three categories of obesity: Class 1, for those with a Body Mass (BMI) between 30 and 35; class 2, with BMI between 35 and 40; and class 3, with BMI above 40.

Obese pregnant women should not gain weight during pregnancy

Obese pregnant women may have more problems fighting infections
Blomberg found that among women in the latter two groups, those who had a weight gain lower than that recommended by the IOM – or even slimmed down – were less likely to give birth to a high-weight baby or need a cesarean section compared those who have gained the recommended amount.

Among women in class 2, for example, a total of 17% of those who lost weight underwent a cesarean section, compared to 24% of those who gained weight recommended by the IOM.

Also, the infants of high-obesity women who lost weight apparently did not differ from those whose mothers had gained weight within the recommendations. They were not more likely to suffer fetal distress or have a poor Apgar score – breath test, heart rate, and other health indicators assessed shortly after birth.

The findings suggest that gaining less weight than recommended by the IOM – or even slimming down a bit – “at least not harmful” to pregnant women with a high degree of obesity, Blomberg told Reuters Health.

However, the exact weight that can be safely lost is not yet clear. Blomberg had no information on the range of weight loss among study participants. She says she is also unaware of other studies that have already suggested a safe track. But weight loss during pregnancy in obese women may also present a downside: an increased risk of giving birth to a small baby for their gestational age.

A total of 3.7% of obese women gave birth to a small baby for their gestational age – compared to a rate of 3.6% among all births in Sweden. For Blomberg, the bottom line is that slimming down a bit can be “reasonably safe” for women with a high degree of obesity.

However, it warns about any weight loss diet started during pregnancy. She advises that the goal is a healthy and balanced diet, as well as the practice of moderate exercises – such as a daily 30-minute walk.

That is the general advice. But Blomberg points out that it is imperative for pregnant women to talk to their doctors about any food or lifestyle changes they may need.

It is part of the common sense principle that gestation is a phase in which a woman should lead a healthy life. Quitting smoking, following a balanced diet and exercising in moderation are some of the recommendations while the baby is in the belly. And for future moms who are overweight or suffering from obesity, you need to know how to lose weight during pregnancy.

When the woman is fat or afraid of gaining weight, there is no restriction on following a diet based on the principles of food re-education. Fad diets with restricted foods are banned.

To lose weight during pregnancy only diets with protein (Dukan diet) and no carbohydrates are vetoed because the child needs these nutrients to develop.

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Why make a Healthy Diet Plan for Pregnancy?

According to the gynecologist and obstetrician, as long as they follow the proper guidelines of specialized professionals, there is no problem in overweight pregnant women to lose weight during pregnancy.

On the contrary, slimming during pregnancy is a way to avoid risk to the fetus. Overweight or obesity in the pregnant woman can lead to the development of gestational diabetes, which, consequently, can affect the development of the embryo.

For the doctor, a Healthy Diet Plan for Pregnancy and physical exercises are always welcome throughout pregnancy. In addition to reducing the risk of diabetes, controlling blood pressure through weight lose reduction in pregnant women prevents hypertension, a major cause of pre-eclampsia.

How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy by Making a Healthy Diet Plan for Pregnancy

Here are some tips on how to lose weight during pregnancy;

• First of all. It is essential to talk to the doctor. Ask for a nutritionist’s statement, to make a personalized diet;
• Food re-education programs. As the Weight Watchers are also celebrated by doctors as effective, because it is a regime based only on balance of the dishes and without any food restriction;
• Hydrodynamic. It is not by chance that the swimming pools where this practice is practiced are full of pregnant women. Doctors usually indicate that it is an aerobic exercise – which develops the cardiac system – and provides caloric burning without major impacts or risk of injury, not to mention that the pregnant belly is protected inside the water;
• Respect the hunger. Much is said about the desire of pregnant, that desire to eat food not always at the right time. The tip is to eat every three hours and always have a fruit or whole foods on hands such as nuts, pieces of lean cheese and vegetables such as carrots or celery.

Difficulties of losing weight during pregnancy

For women who are not pregnant, finding the ideal Healthy Diet Plan for Pregnancy is no longer a very easy task. One thinks immediately of restrictions and cuts of food of which one likes. During pregnancy this can be aggravated and maintain a regimen can be even more difficult.

Some pregnant women feel great, and others say they feel terrible. It is natural due to the swirling hormonal changes that occur during the period of pregnancy.

Therapeutic or support group help can also make a big difference in maintaining balance and not making food the escape route from the normal distress that affects a woman in the pregnancy period.

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