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What the World would be like if Healthy eating and Diet didn’t exist

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What the World would be like if Healthy eating and Diet didn’t exist

Having a healthy eating and balanced diet is essential to achieve a higher quality of life. The abuse of foods rich in saturated fats, sodium, and sugars is a trigger for diseases like heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. In contrast, it is easy to include in the menu foods resistance and longevity heroes. For these reasons, having a healthy diet is so important.

1. Do not go without eating

“Most important is not to spend long periods of time without eating. Making small snacks between large meals is fundamental, because by restricting energy the metabolism directs to slow down as a way to conserve energy that has been supplied, which In addition, the person will likely eat more at the next meal, seeking more calorie foods as a form of benefit, which will also effective in weight gain. ”

2. Pleasure to eat

“Do not become a slave to diets and calories, as there are more and more studies that show that people who are overly concerned about fitness tend to experience greater weight fluctuations, being well with oneself and looking after the body with physical activity and healthy eating are the best ways to get a good quality of life. ”

3. Search for natural foods

If you want to take a fruit juice, try to take it as a natural, because you cannot eat it. Industrialized foods contain many substances such as dyes and preservatives that have high amounts of sodium and can, in the long run, cause hypertension and overload the kidneys.

4. Make substitutions

“Try to replace heavier and greasier foods with lighter versions whenever possible: make shredded pupunha palm noodles, cooked cauliflower rice, swap ham for turkey breast, buy tuna in water instead of tuna in oil, replace greasy cheeses with lighter versions such as cottage cheese and ricotta, replace grated Parmesan cheese with grated, ricotta. ”

“The most important thing is to realize that no food is forbidden. The famous” colorful dish “is undoubtedly the healthiest.”

5. Choose the right place to eat

“Eating meals should be done in quiet, unhurried places.” Eating well slowly, not thinking about appointments and chewing food well will make you feel satiated even by eating less food off the computer or working because in these situations we lose the notion of the amount of food that we are ingesting. ”

6. Flour meal

“A person who is looking for a healthier diet should avoid products with refined flour such as pasta, cakes, cookies and processed foods, high in fat and sugar, such as microwave popcorn, instant soups, frozen preparations, chips, and chips. It is also worth better in herbs to season the food like garlic, onion, parsley, chives, basil, rosemary, bay leaf, oregano, sage, curry, saffron, and coriander. ”

7. Eat everything

“The most important thing is to realize that no food is forbidden unless you have to eat a restrictive diet if you are a patient with diabetes or celiac disease, for example. It is very common for people to think that eating only salad is good. The famous “colored dish,” that is, one that has a source of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and proteins is undoubtedly the healthiest dish.

8. Set goals for the week

“Also, thinking about the long-term and creating healthy eating and balanced diet is very important. It’s hard for a person to eat all the foods that are sources of vitamins that the body needs in a day. Eat Fruits, meats, and vegetables every day. It is best to set the goals for the whole week. It is easier to distribute the right food in this period. ”

9. Be persistent

“Most likely, switching to a proper diet will not happen overnight. You should try foods that are not customary like fruits, vegetables, greens, etc. Accept that the taste buds should be stimulated, giving up on the first try is a mistake. Every day, select some of these foods, you do not like it, you try again, it’s okay if you reject it initially, but giving up on the first try is underestimating your power to change. ”

10. Write about your meals

“Begin to do a food diary.” Write down all the foods eaten during the day, the quantities and times you ate the meals. But on the other hand, it will give you a great boost when you realize that you are disciplined and determined, putting healthy foods at all meals and reducing the number of unhealthy foods. ”

11. Hydrate yourself

“Drink at least two liters, plus or minus eight glasses of water every day. Water helps in skin hydration and is essential as a means of transporting some water soluble vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and vitamin C also, water is essential for the body to be willing throughout the day. ”

12. Face the fruits

Oranges, apples, pears, watermelons, tangerines, among others, are the best natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These three components help our bowel function properly and help our metabolism to remain active even in the intervals between meals. ”

13. Leave the sugar aside.

“Foods that have a large amount of refined sugar are endowed with chemical processes in their production and have a high glucose content, which increases the glycemia levels of the body. These characteristics accelerate aging, increase sagging by de-structuring collagen from the skin, and they still have calories, but they are devoid of nutrients.Today we find natural sweeteners such as sucralose, derived from sugarcane, but without calories and high glycemic index and stevia, derived from a natural plant.

14. Consume food sources of antioxidants

“Antioxidant substances block the action of free radicals in the body, preventing the oxidation of cells.” These elements can prevent the onset of tumors, premature aging, and other diseases. , pumpkin, mango, acai, eggplant, grape, green leaves, vegetables, and broccoli, are rich in antioxidants. ”

15. Learn what you are eating

“The key is to understand that calories are the fuel for our body and that without them, our body runs out of energy. Choosing foods just by the number of calories is not the most indicated. What makes all the difference at the time of a healthy diet is the quality of nutrients, some fats, for example, so it is important to read the components of each food.

16. Let’s combine food

“The secret of good nutrition is in combining all kinds of nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fibers and water. The general rule is that no type of food should completely leave your diet, but it’s all a matter of varying the menu, not leaving out any food and always eating in small portions or quantities. ”

17. Eat without fear

“If you are looking for a diet, you no longer know if it is good to eat a particular food if it is healthy to stop eating certain foods or what kind of substance you are fattening. It is important and vital to life. For those who have doubts about diets, the primary food our grandfathers knew and practiced is still a good tip for having all kinds of nutrients the body needs. ”

18. Look what you like

“Eat a little of everything, from all food groups: cereals (prefer the whole versions), grains, meats/poultry/fish, fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products and even treats. Eating “not-so-healthy” foods, but they are appetizing and part of the culture, the tradition of a family. You cannot eat only goodies, but we cannot put in our meals those foods that give you a sense of well-being

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