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Things about Tips for Weight Loss your Trainers wouldn’t Tell You


Things about Tips for Weight Loss your Trainers wouldn’t Tell You

Most people seem to rely on their instructors 100% when it comes to advising on how to get fit, but is not information as good as the source from which it comes? Some coaches may have a master’s degree in physical education and others may have no formal fitness experience. While a range of weight loss is one thing, the ability to get results is another.

Instructors are also in the training business, so there is an incentive to keep people coming month after month. So here are some ideas that you may not be getting from your coach but we believe you need to know.

Importance of food

85% or more of your results come from what you eat. Whether for weight loss or gaining muscle mass, diet and what you eat is the largest part of the equation. No matter how advanced and special your exercises are if you’re eating is bad then you will most likely get bad results. That is not discounted the importance of working out or, as that is also crucial to help stimulate muscle growth and keep your metabolism strong in the process. But a simple exercise with resistance/volume, 3X / week, coupled with good nutrition will give phenomenal results.

Your trunk is not the big problem.

It’s sad to see personal trainers doing all these balance exercises on oscillating boards, balls and other ridiculous pieces of equipment. While you can use them as a secondary piece of equipment to work on something specific, making them the focus of the workouts is pointless. Using resistance with weights/cables / elastic straps or by making compound movements of full body weight is the place where 99% of people need to stay and focus. It is a shame that many coaches are being instigated to all this additional nonsense because the equipment industry is promoting lifelong education (because they want to sell balancing the dumbest things). What you need is a good diet and series of exercises that strengthen the central region of your body.

Flat abs is made in the kitchen

Unless you’re already torn and want to improve the definition on your abdomen, you again do not need it as a focus of your workout. Do some exercises at the end, and that will be enough stimulus, but without proper focus on a diet/nutrition for weight loss, you will never see the tantrum in the first place. We all have a pack of muscles in the belly, just have to get rid of the fat that covers everything.

Do not use 90% of the equipment in the gym

If a staff wants to take you from one machine to another and not spend time with free weight or compound movements, find another. The machines are there to entertain people who do not know how to exercise without the guidance of an instructor. Machines are a steady path working on one muscle at a time, not an ideal way to have an effective workout. It’s not too much to mention how your body does not work in isolation in real life! If you’re paying someone to teach you something, you’d better have something different than machines.

If you are not getting results in 30 days, hire another Trainer

Remember that you are paying for results. Consider a coach as part of your company called YOU Inc. If your employee is not doing his job, why keep him around? Quit your coach and find another if necessary. All in all, you do not need a coach month after month (unless you need motivation and have that kind of money to spend freely). You can go back with them to see what kind of progress you are making and change things if necessary, but you do not need them month after month to just count replays to you.

You do not need one-hour training sessions

If the coach cannot challenge your muscles or push them enough in 30 minutes, you may just be paying for the company instead of the specialization. While there are some types of workouts involving heavy weights and rest periods over, some may choose to do so for the normal training client this is not the case. You can warm up yourself so you can do your aerobic post-workout on the treadmill alone. You do not have to pay someone just to sit there and talk to you.

Nowadays Trainers are being educated more about how to sell

Like any good business, the gym wants to make money. So they train their salespeople (in the form of coaches who pay percentages to the gym) to get them to close long contracts up front. So the gym could not care less if you show up for them. There are also plenty of fitness marketers out there telling coaches how to sell, how to cheat you and how to make a ton of money. Now there is nothing wrong with running a business, making money and providing a valuable product. Just do not feel pressured/cheated on anything in the long run. As you are paying for results, make sure your coach knows what you are doing before you decide to stay with them for a long period. Any good coach will probably still tell you that it is the best course of action. Do not fall into any sales line “Paying well for six months up front will keep you motivated”: Getting results, month after month is the best motivation, and good coaches know this.

Take it easy and do not think a trainer is your salvation. It can help you a lot, but it’s not your only tool when it comes to better health and a shapely body.

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