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10 Best Motivation to Live a Healthy Lifestyle


10 Best Motivation to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Presenting healthy and congruent behaviors with your goals is directly linked to self-motivation. When the healthy lifestyle motivation is tied to the individual’s internal and individual feeling of satisfaction, this contributes to the elevation of well-being, in addition to increasing the person’s sense of pleasure, competence, and self-determination.

Having a goal to be achieved is always important to keep yourself motivated. That includes, for example, a goal to be fulfilled at work, the achievement of property, a car or a trip long planned. All this can be part of the extrinsic motivation, which is related to external factors. Some attitudes also contribute to greater personal motivation.

How many times have you entered the gym and quit in a few months? And how many times have you said that “tomorrow I start the diet” and that when it started did not resist the next weekend?

Living a healthy lifestyle often requires the reorganization of our routines, which lead us to change habits. Consequently, we leave our comfort zone.

But it’s important to note that starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond just going to the gym and dieting. A healthy lifestyle requires a balance between work, physical activity, leisure, sleep and good nutrition.

And reaching that balance is what seems to be the big challenge.

But then, how do you manage to be firm with the purpose of not being a sedentary person and wanting to change your lifestyle? There is no magic recipe for this, but I would like to share with you 10 Best Motivation to Live a Healthy Lifestyle help keep your focus:

Set a goal and take the first step

It is a common census that eating a balanced diet and practicing physical activity is a great way to promote health.

Ok !!, but it seems that for many people this argument is not enough as a daily healthy lifestyle motivation.

Do not expect to get to the point where you have health problems that “force” you to adhere to a healthy lifestyle to survive. Start now, build some goals that will stimulate you to focus daily.

And what stimulates you? What is your challenge?

Have you ever thought about wanting to learn to swim, dance, run or do some sport that you always found interesting but never dared to start? Or you want to increase your social cycle, lose weight, occupy your day, get out of the rut, externalize some fitness …

Look inside yourself and discover something that can be a healthy lifestyle motivation, because when we want something a lot, we live daily thinking about it, and we look for it with more enthusiasm.

To practice physical activity, you just need a reason to start and a routine to continue. And do not be afraid to dare! Allow yourself to do something that you may have never imagined you would do. Try a healthy lifestyle through something new! The new can often be an amazing experience!

Adopt a healthy diet, not a diet

Protein Diet, Soup Diet, Starving … Forget All That! It does not work! No radical diet is pleasurable to make and so it does not last long.

To start with a healthy lifestyle, you need to incorporate healthy eating habits into your daily life naturally and gradually. For example, try substituting refrigerated lemonade whenever possible!

Or try to bring your little snack to work. So you do not have to go to that corner bakery at break time and kill yourself in the showcase treats. And when someone looks at your fruit salad and asks if you’re on a diet, you say, “No, that’s my way of life!”

That does not mean you can never eat those good goodies that make us salivate. But if you replace some of these foods gradually with other healthy options, less and less you will miss the tempting foods, and when you eventually cannot resist, you will eat weightlessly in your consciousness. At this time, a nutritional orientation with a professional is the most appropriate, because the nutritional needs of each one may be different.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is worth this investment because you learn how to choose or prepare delicious choices and discover products and ingredients that you did not even know existed. Besides definitely understanding that healthy eating is not just living on salad!

Plan your week

Many ask me how do I take care of swimming, pedaling, running, doing pilates and bodybuilding, working 70 hours a week?

The healthy lifestyle motivation through ORGANIZATION!

Children, work, partners, home, social commitments … all this is part of our lives and does not need and should not be left aside to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You just have to organize your routine to give yourself a little bit of yourself. That means sometimes waking up early, optimizing lunchtime, enrolling the child in some activity at the same time that you need to do your activity. Or, come home later, give up a movie at a certain moment …

Plan your day!

Plan what your week will look like. Do not wait for “time to spare” because time is you managing. We are talking about booking at least 1 hour at least 3x a week for you to practice a physical activity, or take a few minutes each day to prepare healthy food.

A healthy lifestyle requires organization.

Everyone knows their needs, but maybe it’s time to stop crawling all the time and allow yourself to live beyond the “obligations” of everyday life.

Prioritize group activities

Doing the activities in groups or alone is a choice that depends on several factors, but if it is possible to opt for group activities, do not think twice!

A healthy lifestyle motivation is something personal, but sometimes it comes under the influence of other people, who often share the same anxieties and difficulties as we do.

In the group we feel welcomed, we identify with each other. We also find people who are like mirrors, who encourage us and inspire us to achieve our goals. Healthy people and habits surround us and, when we least expect it, we are redesigning our goals and feeling more engaged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Allow yourself to sleep and rest without weight in consciousness

If a healthy lifestyle is a balance between work, physical activity, leisure, good sleep, and good food, then why do we condemn ourselves when it strikes that giant unwillingness to do physical activity?

Relax people! Nor is it indicated if you exercise without feeling well!

After all, many times we have a super tiring day that what we most want is to get home at once and sleep for 48 hours in a row!

“Sleep is also training,” is what athletes hear all the time!

It is asleep that we recover the muscle fibers, is when some hormones play an important role in our body. Sleeping around 6 to 8 hours a day is critical in pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

But be careful not to confuse “laziness” with “tiredness.” Do not surrender to the law of least effort!

Be persistent! Be determined! Stick to your goals with both hands and indulge in a healthy lifestyle.

The beginning is always more difficult, but as soon as you get used to new routines and habits, you will feel so good in body and soul that the only thing you will regret bitterly is not having started a healthy lifestyle earlier!

Take the first step!

See 10 Best Motivation to Live a Healthy Lifestyle to achieve goals and problems:

1. Believe in yourself

First of all, believe in yourself. It is only possible to develop a good job and achieve goals if you have understanding and clarity about your ability to achieve.

2. Have dreams

What keeps a person motivated is their dreams. They are the fuel for the pursuit of goals. Reflect on your life and see if your dreams are in the foreground and if you are fighting for them.

3. Do not give up fighting

As much as the battle is arduous, do not run away from the challenges. So that you can overcome fear and uncertainty. To overcome barriers, knowledge, and preparation are essential in completing the major stages of your projects. So, take the risk and always be aware of your competence.

4. Learn from the mistakes

Mistakes make the individual more experienced and aware of new situations, making this experience a learning experience. So do not lock yourself in the face of a failure, stay focused and move on.

Personal Motivation 10 Tips – Self-Motivation at Work

Motivation at work is important

5. Do activities that make you happy

The best way to dodge the lack of motivation is to do things that provide well-being. Make a list of activities you would like to do and start practicing them. You will realize that, little by little, and you will feel more motivated and determined to accomplish all your tasks with the same spirit and excellence.

6. Think positive

Being optimistic and facing the challenges with firmness and willingness contributes to a good part of the journey. In that way, try to direct your attitudes and perspective to the positives, making pessimism a useless word in your vocabulary.

7. Set Goals

Thinking positive and feeling good are drivers for motivation to be present, but you have to put those emotions into practice. For this to be possible, list your priorities as well as the tasks and deadlines. Do not forget to put them in a system of steps, so that you perceive the evolution of each task accomplished. That will make it easier to visualize everything that needs to be done.

8. Complaints only block your motivation

Complaining of the situation will not solve the problem. The first step to the solution is to choose behavior change, analyzing what is wrong and what are the alternatives to solve the issue. Extending the difficulties will only delay you from reversing this picture.

9. Reflect

Take time to reflect on attitudes, achievements, and failures. This analysis is crucial so that you can see if your goals align with your actions, so you can redirect your efforts to what you want.

10. Celebrate the achievements

Being aware of the results obtained is important. So celebrate your victories and allow the sense of accomplishment and goals you achieve permeate your being. All these positive attitudes and emotions are worked through with coaching, a process that aims to motivate the individual and stimulate him to develop his abilities to achieve goals in both personal and professional life. Coaching helps people achieve more and achieve more positive results.

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