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When Wellness Meal Plan Spice Up for Delicious Cuisine


When Wellness Meal Plan Spice Up for Delicious Cuisine

It is in the months when they wear less clothing that more women care about their silhouette. It is also during this period that women start diets and meal plan, always in the hope of being able to recover a figure (more) slender in time of the bikini. The most cautious do not wait, however, for the warmer months so better you get the start right away your Knowing When Wellness Meal Plans Spice Up for Delicious Cuisine

That is the wellness diet plan to lose weight to eliminate up to six pounds:

A wellness diet plan to lose weight should be made according to the energy needs of each, which in turn are determined by factors such as age, sex, height, basal metabolism and level of physical activity.

They may also be influenced by special situations, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding or certain pathologies, such as kidney disease.

Therefore, it is important to always keep in mind that a plan appropriate to your needs must be done in a personalized way by a professional in the area of ​​Nutrition.

However, certain guidelines can (and should!) Be followed by everyone, and looking at an example of a weight loss diet plan can help you to adapt and change some of your eating errors.



Physiologically, weight loss is related to intake vs. calorie expenditure – weight loss occurs if you consume fewer calories than you spend, that is, if there is a “calorie” deficit.


Everything to keep fit during a wellness meal plan

Although the ideal way to lose weight is based on a wellness meal plan , the conjugation of caloric restriction and the practice of physical exercise, diet is the predominant factor in this equation. That is because it is considerably easier to cut 500kcal (the so-called “calories”) in our daily diet than to spend the equivalent while exercising: note that a run on a 20-minute walking spends an average of 200kcal And a cream cake provides, on average, 298kcal.


Although a dietary plan for weight loss is something that differs between individuals, there are some rules of healthy and balanced eating that can be applied transversely. These include:

Consume foods of plant origin, such as bread, pasta, rice, vegetables, vegetables and fresh fruit daily (5 servings per day);

Eat 2-3 servings of lean dairy products daily;

Consume at least two servings of fish, poultry, legumes and eggs per week;

Do not exceed 2 servings of red meat and 1 serving of processed meats per week;

Consume sweets at most 2 times a week.

Opt for olive oil as the main source of fat in your diet;

Using herbs and spices as a substitute for salt will bring health benefits!

Try to combine healthy eating with physical activity. If you do not like gyms and are not a fan of races, you might try an alternative like swimming or water aerobics. Another option is to take advantage of the heat and the long summer days and make a 45-minute walk an hour a day.


Wellness meal plan ideas

A wellness diet plan of 1800 kcal meets the needs of an adult with mild physical activity. In this way, and to promote weight loss, the diet plan for slimming presented is around 1500-1600kcal, depending on the options chosen. Approximately similar alternatives are given for each meal, thus making them less monotonous.


200ml of skim milk (72kcal) or 200ml of soy drink (80kcal)

2 slices of bread “Shape” – for sale in supermarkets like Mainland and Pingo Doce (154kcal)

1 teaspoon peanut butter or 2 tablespoons fresh cheese to spread (30kcal)

Total: 264kcal


1 Natural or flavored yogurt (45kcal)

60 Grams of natural corn or oat flakes (222kcal)

10 Raspberries (10kcal)

Total: 277kcal



1 Yogurt gelatin (45kcal) + 1 crackers rice (12kcal)

Total: 57kcal


1 fruit (60kcal)


  1. LUNCH

Vegetable soup (150gr of vegetables + 1 teaspoon of olive oil) = 85kcal


90gr of chicken breast (175kcal)

50gr of vegetables – such as spinach, carrots, broccoli, courgette or eggplant. Lettuce, (12.5kcal)

60gr of integral fusilli mass (75kcal)

Total: 262.5 kcal


100gr of salmon (142kcal)

60 grams of carrot rice (75kcal)

1/3 Salad dish (with vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, and watercress)

8 Cherry Tomatoes – 24kcal

Total: 241 kcal


  1. SNACKS 1

1 serving of fruit (60kcal)


1 Gelatin without sugar (10kcal) + 1 Babybell cheese slice(50kcal)


  1. SNACKS 2

100gr of cheese quark (50kcal) + 3 nuts (80kcal).

Total: 130kcal


4 crackers rice crackers (48kcal) + 1 teaspoon peanut butter (30kcal) + 1 cup 200ml of juice light nectar (50kcal)

Total: 128kcal



1 Vegetable soup – 150gr of vegetables (40kcal) + 1 teaspoon olive oil (45kcal) = 85 kcal


100gr of grilled sea bass (124kcal) + 1 small sweet potato (54kcal)

Total: 261kcal


90 grams of turkey strips (140kcal) sauteed with 100gr of vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, courgette, carrot or aubergine (50kcal)

Total: 273kcal


  1. SNACKS 3

1 sugarless gelatin – 10kcal

In this example of diet plan to lose weight, the daily energy value is around 1100 kcal.

However, it is still necessary to consider the fat used in the confection or the seasoning of the food – using a total of 8 teaspoons of olive oil (one teaspoon corresponds to 5 grams, which in turn supply 45 kcal) will give a total about 360 kcal In fat.

Thus, this diet plan for weight loss provides between 1500 to 1600kcal, depending on the options selected.

Tip: If you’re on vacation, try not to neglect it entirely:

You do not have to give up the famous Berlin Balls completely – but keep in mind that one without cream is around 400kcal and the cream version can reach 600kcal!

You can eat an ice cream ball from time to time: in this case, try to choose the ice cream that is made from water and avoid the choices made with cream.

Spend calories in a fun way on the beach, practicing sports like rackets, soccer or beach volleyball with family or friends.

Try, still, make your walk by the sea – it’s much easier when the view is nice!

It is worth remembering that this is just an example of a diet plan to lose weight and that for an adequate and personalized diet is essential the accompaniment of a Nutrition professional.

Note also that calorie values ​​are approximate and may vary by brand and product.

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