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Post Pregnancy Meal Plan: Essential meal plan for weight loss after pregnancy

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Post Pregnancy Meal Plan: Essential meal plan for weight loss after pregnancy

Anyone who watches TV shows and movie theater after childbirth may not understand why weight loss is so rapid after birth. What is the secret of the celebrities? What is the post pregnancy meal plan  to lose weight that makes you lose so much weight after giving birth? Do you know their Essential meal plan for weight loss after pregnancy?

The post pregnancy meal plan for weight loss needs to be as natural as possible and very nutritious. In order not to risk leaving the milk without vitamins, it feeds on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats besides, of course, to follow up with specialized nutritionists in the postpartum diet to slim the actresses and celebrities that become mothers by first or other Times. Light physical exercises are also part of the package after all one thing is linked to another.


Tips for a meal plan for weight loss after pregnancy: diet to lose weight with health

The post pregnancy meal plan for weight loss has an ally and so much for weight loss, breastfeeding! Of course, breastfeeding mothers lose weight much faster than mothers who do not breastfeed their babies. The ideal would be exclusive breastfeeding as well as being excellent for the baby, and breastfeeding helps to burn the calories acquired during gestation. The diet should follow health standards because with the postpartum diet exclusively to lose weight, and one can deprive the mother’s milk of some essential vitamins for the baby and thus create a deficiency in milk that will not leave the ideal milk for the baby. Therefore Balance in this regard is essential.


A meal plan for weight loss after pregnancy

Eat fiber, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains such as chickpeas, rice, lentils, also lean meats like chicken and fish that have low calories and feed both mother and baby. Another secret is to drink plenty of water, both for the process of slimming, and help in the production of milk. Exercises are allowed after the doctor’s release, but of course, light walks are beneficial and greatly help in post pregnancy meal plan. If you move it will not hurt in the postpartum, but the awareness that the body just went through such a significant change is necessary, but move!

Of course, one more factor interferes, and a lot of the weight loss independent of the post pregnancy meal plan, the feeding during pregnancy should also be taken into account. If the woman has already prepared herself a while ago to lose weight, she should know that the weight she will gain in pregnancy can be lost more quickly after the whole process of gaining weight. The trick is to maintain a physical activity during pregnancy and also a healthy diet.

A precious tip is: Have a lot of patience, it is not the day after the birth that the body before pregnancy returns to the form prior to pregnancy, the post pregnancy meal plan to lose weight is fundamental, however a set of factors must go hand in hand, the Body can take up to 6 months to go back to what it was before pregnancy, and also can vary from organism to organism, the important thing is to keep on pace and diet. Look for a right professional to guide in this process of weight loss, and this will help a lot!


To produce milk and breastfeed, the body consumes about 500 calories a day, which equates to a well-served lunch, with dessert.

Feeding plays a key role during breastfeeding. But whoever thinks that eating well is synonymous with overeating is mistaken. To ensure the health of the mother and baby, it is imperative to consume some nutrients.

If during the nine months of gestation you were not to worry too much about food, it is now worthwhile to make more thoughtful and balanced meals as a supervised diet menu.

Limit the number of goodies and fast food, which have many calories and few nutrients.

It is normal after pregnancy that the appetite decreases and even if you are not hungry, it does not leave your stomach too long empty. It is advisable to make regular meals five or six small snacks or meals a day is ideal.


Below you can see the complete meal plan for weight loss after pregnancy.

This post pregnancy meal plan is a recommendation for women who are breastfeeding, are overweight, have no food restriction and have little physical activity.

Post pregnancy meal plan

Option 1: 1 glass of grape juice with mint leaves and two spoons of linseed flour, two hot eggs, one slice of whole-grain bread with ½ tablespoon of cottage cheese.

Option 2: 1 cup milk based soybeans beaten with ½ tablespoon of flaxseed, 1/2 oats cologne, ½ of collagen in standing and 02 fruits, 01 whole toast with 01 slices of white cheese.

Option 3: the ½ jar of skimmed natural yogurt whipped with ½ papaya and one tablespoon flaxseed flour, 1 cup green tea, one small whole Syrian bread with 02 slices of turkey breast and one white cheese.

Option 4: 01 cup of coffee with skimmed milk, 01 cups of orange juice beaten with 01 tablespoon of oats and 01 leaves of cauliflower.


Morning snack

Option 1: 01 light pollen, 02 chestnuts.

Option 2: 1 glass of grape juice, two whole grains.

Option 3: 01 glass of pineapple juice, 01 cereal bar.

Option 4: 01 cup of watermelon juice whipped with 01 portion of celery.



Option 1: 1 chicory dish with 03 coleslaw carrots and 2 of grated raw eggplants and ½ zucchini seasoned with olive and lemon string, 02 coleslaw brown rice, 01 bean ladle, 03 coleslaw chicken bait, 03 tablespoon spinach cream, 01 cups of cashew juice.

Option 2: Arugula dish with purple cabbage and 02 coleslaw seasoned with a wire of olive oil and lime, 02 coleslaw brown rice, 01 shell white beans, 01 medium postage of grilled fish, 04 cabbage broiled sauces, 01 cups of light jellow.

Option 3: 01 plate of lettuce with 04 cherry tomatoes and one stalk of celery seasoned with 01 yarn of olive oil and lemon, 01 medium square of roasted eggplant with white cheese and tomato sauce, 01 tangerines.

Option 4: 01 dish of watercress with 02 palm hearts seasoned with 01 olive oil and lime, 04 cabbage steamed butter, 02 coleslaw brown rice, 01 shell beans, 01 chicken baked overcooked, ½ papaya.


Afternoon Snack

Option 1: 1 small banana kneaded with three chopped dried apricots and two coleslaw oats.

Option 2:01 cup blackberry juice, 01 corn on the cob with ¼ cabbage margarine dessert.

Option 3: ½ papaya beaten with 01 tablespoon of linseed, 01 slices of whole-grain bread with 01 slices of white cheese.

Option 4: 01 pot of natural skimmed yogurt whipped with 01 sunflower seed coleslaw and 01 prune, 05 whole-grain cookies.



Option 1: Soybean table at will, 01 apple.

Option 2:01 white plate with lettuce, 03 coleslaw cucumber, 01 tomatoes, 04 black olives, 01 slice of ricotta and one slice of bread, whole-seasoned with herbs, olive oil, and lemon, 01 medium fillet of chicken Grilled, one glass of orange juice.

Option 3: 01 plate of watercress with 02 florets of cauliflower, 01 tablespoon of pod, and 1 of carrot, 01 portion of fish cooked in tomato sauce, 04 coleslaw cream of spinach.

Option 4: 01 lettuce dish with three tablespoons cucumber, two lentils and four grated raw beets seasoned with one strand of olive oil and lemon, 02 slices of ground beef cake with oatmeal, 01 guava.



Option 1: 01 slice of grilled pineapple.

Option 2: 01 pot of plain yogurt skimmed with ½ apple.

Option 3: 1/2 sleeve.

Option 4: 01 pear cooked with nutmeg and clove of India.


Change in lifestyle

To lose weight permanently, it is essential to abandon the diets of fashion based on deprivation. If your goal is just to hit a certain weight very quickly, you will get there by depriving it. But as soon as you stop starving yourself, the rebound effect will make you take it all you. Even a few extra pounds, if you do not change sustainable, the pounds will inexorably be back. The secret to real post pregnancy meal plan to weight loss is to change your habits, adopt a healthy and varied diet, to include physical activity in your daily lives.

In short, to find a new balance of life, the source of pleasure and well-being.




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